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Forum Platform Synergy

CapturePlatform Synergy brought together Terrafirma, SKOP, PHROM and TSN Malta with the purpose of exploring the role of civil society in Malta. The collaborative platform, which took place on Saturday 12th March, presented a half day forum with participants from across the NGO spectrum.

We were joined by Prof. Edward Warrington from the Department of Public Policy at UoM, who posed exploratory questions to the group on the role of civil society and its place in democracy.

Then followed a series of workshops and discussions on themes such as the issues faced by civil society; the role of platforms; and working with government and the general public. We brought the event to a close by brainstorming how best to work together in cooperation and our next steps forward.

The participants agreed on a list of key points to work towards – including capacity building, fluid and collaborative communication, building relationships based on trust and understanding, and transparency. We look forward to working in cooperation on common themes very soon.