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Bicycling Advocacy Group Malta join the TerraFirma Collective

As TerraFirma’s first year draws to a close we are happy to announce the latest member organisation to our Collective – The Bicycling Advocacy Group (Malta). BAG Malta is the seventeenth CSO to join TerraFirma since its launch in March this year.

The BAG Malta is an advocacy group for cyclists in Malta. The organisation serves as a platform for cyclists to air their views on cycling improvements, discuss common problems and difficulties to help each other find solutions. They also provide training for new cyclists, carry out advocacy work, political lobbying and networking with other organisations.

Rebecca Borg, of the Bicycling Advocacy Group said; “TerraFirma has inspired the Bicycling Advocacy Group Malta with its fresh perspective on being a member of a voluntary organisation. We aspire to continue to support cyclists and promote safety on our roads and believe that, with the skills and know-how of the TerraFirma Collective, this objective can be reached more efficiently.”

Anyone interested in learning more about BAG or would simply like to be kept up to date are encouraged to join their Facebook group.

(Photo credit: Marco Silvio)