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Friends of the Earth bring Trojan Horse to Malta

On the 3rd week of August, Friends of the Earth Malta inflated an 8 metre-high structure in the shape of a horse at Valletta city gate. This action was part of a tour Friends of the Earth Europe is organizing with the aim of raising awareness about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The ‘Trojan Horse’ stayed in Malta for a series of events organized by Friends of the Earth Malta in collaboration with Front Against TTIP Malta, after which it slowly made its way to Belgium.

The Trojan Horse symbol was chosen to compare this wide-reaching trade treaty between the EU and US to the story of Troy.

After a 10 year siege, the citizens of Troy found a wooden structure shaped as a horse outside their city gates. Thinking it was a peace offering from the Greek invaders, they dragged it into their city. During the night, the Greeks came out from inside the horse and opened the city gates. The siege ended with Troy falling into the hands of the Greeks

This comparison is being used as TTIP is presented to us as the ‘greatest gift to this generation’, when a quick look at what it entails raises many worrying facts. The deal covers most aspects of daily life such as chemicals, food safety, animal welfare and pharmaceuticals. On both sides of the Atlantic, ‘regulatory barriers to trade’ are being identified, ie. our legislation is being evaluated and negotiated on the premise of freeing trade between the two bodies. The threat of ‘harmonization’ of existing legislation through TTIP would weaken EU standards in order to put them at par with the lower standards found in the US

Friends of the Earth Malta will continue its informative campaign, and collecting signatures for the European Citizens Initiative petition against TTIP, which closes on October 6th. You can learn more about TTIP, and sign the petition at

(Photo credit: Joanna Demarco)