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Inspiring Activism at QSI International School of Malta

Active citizenship is the process in which a person gets directly involved in their local community and the democratic processes within it. Civil society and NGOs rely on active citizens to form part of it and to push for social and environmental change. Our members constantly highlight the need for more people to take ownership of civil society and to become active citizens, especially through involving themselves in NGO work.

The TerraFirma Collective was approached by QSI International School of Malta with a similar vision. QSI Malta is part of an international network of schools aimed at providing quality international school standard of education. QSI Malta expressed the desire to inspire their secondary school students to become activists both on a local and international level.

To do this, QSI Malta and TerraFirma organised a day-long activism seminar and invited different NGOs to give presentations and speak to the students about the work they do in their respective fields. Following opening speeches over coffee and doughnuts, the students attended presentations by Sharklab Malta, Let’s Do It Malta, SPCA Malta and Slow Food Malta. Many discussions continued during the lunch break between the students and the different NGO representatives. The sessions after lunch were given by Friends of the Earth Malta, Kopin, BirdLife Malta and Aditus.

QSI Malta’s first Activism Seminar not only helped inspire the students to take on an active role in society but it created strong links between the participating NGOs, TerraFirma and QSI Malta.