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The TerraFirma Collective is a platform for environmental NGOs as well as other NGOs whose work is related to environmental issues in Malta. It aims to:

1. Establish a framework to facilitate communication and collaboration between NGOs, and thereby to strengthen the position of NGOs within civil society
2. Train members of the Collective to ensure their sustainability
3. Create an environment where NGOs can plan and implement advocacy actions on a Maltese, European, and International level.
4. Promote the representation of NGOs in National, European and International fora

Becoming a member of the TerraFirma Collective

By forming part of the TerraFirma Collective, your organisation is joining a body which can act as a unified voice and face for the environmental aspect of civil society in Malta. Your participation will be an invaluable contribution towards the growth of the environmental sector. Regardless of the size of your organisation, you will be given equal importance, a voice, as well as room to grow as an entity.

The application form hereunder, will be assessed by our current Steering Committee where your admission will be approved or denied.

You must be enrolled with the Malta Commission for Voluntary Organisations or should be in the process of doing so, on the condition that the necessary documents are provided upon completion of enrolment. Should your enrolment be unsuccessful, the Collective will have to withdraw your membership.

There is no annual membership fee for 2015.


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