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The Malta Water Association joins TerraFirma

The Malta Water Association has joined TerraFirma as the Collective’s sixteenth member.


The Malta Water Association’s mission is to make water a public good and to help Malta establish water pricing that truly reflects its value. We aim to do this through communication, education, knowledge development, dialogue with politicians and raising public awareness. MWA attempts to do this by communicating, educating, developing knowledge and raising public awareness on the sustainable management of Malta’s limited water resources.


To this effect, the objectives of the association are:


  • To organise actions/activities on education and on raising public awareness on water issues, water conservation and efficient use of water resources;
  • To offer impartial and professional advice to any person and any public or private organisation in relation to fresh water issues;
  • To promote and maintain unity, dignity and professional integrity among its members;
  • To foster networking among its members;
  • To promote cooperation with other bodies, both locally and overseas, for the mutual benefit of the members of the association.


TerraFirma chairperson John Paul Cauchi said “The Malta water Association includes people of not only great professionalism, but great passion for solving one of the most outstanding environmental issues facing Malta. I couldn’t be more happy to work with these people, and look forward to helping them in any way I can for the furthering of their cause.” The TerraFirma Collective welcomes The Malta Water Association to the platform and looks forward to working with the Association to ensure the continued growth of civil society in Malta and Gozo.