Board (council) management training for NGOs
21 Nov 2015
09:30 - 16:30
Volunteer Centre, Melita Street, Valletta


There is a growing need for the Maltese NGOs to become more effective and productive if they want to achieve their organisational objectives. Having a good and effective NGO Board is therefore essential for successful management of NGOs.

The training is aimed at the board members and directors (or senior managers) of NGOs. Participants will be able to:

  • Learn the functions of an NGO board
  • Understand the most effective ways to constitute a good and functioning board
  • Improve their understanding of the principles of good governance
  • Learn how to develop a strategic plan

Special guest, Jane Devitt, will be conducting part of the training.

Jane has a wealth of experience working for companies and charities, and has occupied various roles in the senior management team of the RSPB – the UK’s largest nature conservation organization.

She has been working on developing and running EU LIFE projects since 1999 and been centrally involved with nine successful projects in different countries. She was an advisor on a further eight projects in the same period across Europe. These projects involved co-ordination between the third sector, the private sector and government agencies.

Jane is an experienced line and project manager in various aspects of organizational and financial management. She coaches organizations and government agencies on the opportunities and challenges offered by funding sources, and also offers training on other aspects of organizational, business and financial management needed for the successful implementation of projects. Jane is based in the UK.

Interested participants are requested to register with the TerraFirma Project Coordinator.


Download Training Manual