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Social Media Workshop

The Social Media Workshop on the 27th of July, 2016 was organised in order to address what many NGOs feel is a difficult task – keeping up with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs in an ever fast-evolving field. How does one be effective on social media? How can the voices of individuals and NGOs be more effective in an over-saturated sphere of social interaction – and indeed, how does one stick out to be noticed?

These and other questions were addressed by three speakers:

  • Ms Charlotte Seymour from the branding company BRNDWGN, who focused on Branding
  • Mr Richard Muscat Azzopardi from Switch, who focused on Social Media, and how to present oneself on social media
  • Dr Elizabeth Grech who runs the blog “MaltaInsideOut” who spoke about her experience with blogging, and how essential it is to develop an NGO’s identity long-term

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The session, organised at Dar L-Ewropa was very well attended (despite the summer heat), attesting to the importance of the topic. Each speaker session was following with an interesting discussion on various points related to social media – with new insights into the field of social media, and with the very useful input of our speakers, who had many years’ experience to share.

As TerraFirma we strive to continue training our eNGOs so that together we become more effective in the internet sphere, which is becoming not only increasingly important, but crucial to the functioning of NGOs who hope to make any impact.