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The Grand Environmental Challenge, 22nd May 2017

The Grand Environmental Challenge

22nd May, 2017

CaptureWith the approaching Election of 2017 due to be held on June 3rd, TerraFirma teamed up with a coalition of many other NGOs and organisations in order to write up 10 recommendations on the Environment in Malta… in effect, a wishlist of what we, as environmental NGOs, would like to see in the next legislature. It was by no means a mean feat not only to get so many NGOs on board to agree to a common document, but also to get the leaders of all parties to be present for what was a panel debate on Environmental Credibility.

The event was a great success. It was very well attended, and all political party leaders were present. While some leaders hesitated to commit to the proposals, it was a historic first that all political leaders attended an event focusing exclusively on environmental matters so close to an election. The political leaders were presented with the ten proposals, and their environmental credibility was put to question during the debate, which also included questions from the floor.

We would like to thank especially Prof Alan Deidun, Dr Claire Bonello, Dr Maria Grazia Cassar and Dr John Paul Cauchi for their hard work at making this event possible. We would also like to thank Din L-Art Helwa for kindly offering their premises for this event.


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The 10 environmental recommendations can be downloaded in pdf format here.

The environmental NGOs requested that, following election of whichever party in government, a month from now (mid-June) a meeting will be held between eNGOs and government to chart a way forward in protecting and enhancing the environment in our islands.

We look forward to that meeting, which we hope will be productive, and that our recommendations are taken on board.