The Team

John Paul Cauchi

John Paul Cauchi is the chairperson of the TerraFirma Collective and is a board member of Flimkien ghal-Ambjent Ahjar. FAA is committed to preserving Malta and Gozo’s architectural and rural heritage as well as to ensuring a healthy quality of life. John Paul studied medicine and specialised in environmental public health. He currently works as an environmental health researcher. He co-founded and is coordinating the National Independent Forum for Sustainability (NIFS) which seeks to provide voluntary consultancy on major projects such as Park tal-Inwadar in the SE of Malta, and strives to introduce the concept of sustainable development in the Maltese islands. John Paul believes that the TerraFirmaCollective provides a viable platform which can foster communication and collaboration on issues that concern us all.

Erica Schembri
Project Coordinator

Erica Schembri became interested in the role of the community and its empowerment in bringing about change for a more sustainable future during her studies in Philosophy as an undergraduate student. She decided to start pursuing her interests when she became a member of Moviment Graffitti in 2015. In 2016, she and other activists set up Kamp Emergenza Ambjent and Kampanja Paga Minima Dicenti, in which she is an active participant.

Erica is looking forward to helping in bringing together Maltese NGOs through Terrafirma in the hopes of increasing awareness of the detriment of rampant and careless development and the negative effects of climate change. Through her work with Terrafirma, she would also like to reach out to young adults and increase their interest in working towards more sustainable development and a fairer and more just society for all.

Martin Galea De Giovanni

Martin Galea De Giovanni is the secretary of the TerraFirma Collective and the Director of Friends of the Earth Malta. Friends of the Earth Malta is a local NGO and a member of an International network of NGOs which strive to promote sustainable development and to ensure that human activities do not harm the environment. He represents FoE Malta at international meetings and, until recently, held the post of Executive Board Member at Friends of the Earth Europe in Brussels. Since joining FoE in 2000, Martin has been responsible for issues relating to Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate change. Martin holds an M.Sc in Environmental Management and Planning and previously graduated with an honours degree in Environmental Studies after having originally studied and worked in the field of Computer Science. His lifelong interest in astronomy made him conscious of how precious our little planet is.

Stephan Strijbosch

Stephan Strijbosch occupies the role of treasurer of the TerraFirma Collective. He is responsible for the maintenance of the Collective’s accounts and financial processes. He is an accounts manager with Anton Azzopardi & Associates and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

Claire Bonello
Board Member

Claire Bonello is a practising lawyer with a particular interest in environmental and planning law. She is also an opinon-writer for The Sunday Times of Malta and has published a weekly column for the past 10 years. She has been awarded the prize for opinion writing by the Maltese Institute of Journalists. Claire Bonello is the legal counsellor for a number of Maltese environmental NGOS.